Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 teased, and it's almost certain to join the Galaxy Note 20

The original Samsung Galaxy Fold (Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

With all eyes on the Galaxy Note 20 launch scheduled for August 5, Samsung is cranking up its hype machine and creating buzz around the event and also the products that it is likely to unveil at the event.

It looks like it will unveil the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 at the upcoming Unpacked event, according to a teaser video uploaded to Twitter. The video from Samsung's UK account shows a drop of rose gold paint transforming into a symmetrical shape, which looks similar to a butterfly. 

As it happens, it also showcased the date of the Galaxy Unpacked event which is August 5. The butterfly image shown is generally linked to Samsung’s first foldable device - the Galaxy Fold - which the company released last year.

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Speculation rife

Ahead of the event, analysts and tipsters have been discussing whether Samsung would go ahead and launch Galaxy Fold 2. Tipsters have even suggested that Samsung may not go for Galaxy Fold 2 at the event as it has been hamstrung by the slower software development for the new foldable gadget.

But the official teaser may put to rest all the speculation. It is now most likely that the Galaxy Fold 2 will release along with at least two models belonging to the Galaxy Note 20 lineup and Galaxy Z Flip 5G version. We have also seens leaks for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, "Galaxy Beans" earbuds, and a Galaxy Z Flip 5G.

The Galaxy Fold 2 is rumored to feature a 7.7-inch main display, and certain leaks suggest it'll be retailed for $1,990 (around £1,900 / AU$2,900) which is the same the price at which its predecessor was available.

A new leak from ET News also claims the price is set at a similar level in Korea adding extra validity to the rumors.

We are likely to learn how much the phone will cost as well as all the specs for the devices mentioned above on August 5 at the company's online event.

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