Samsung accidentally reveals three more Galaxy A phones

The Samsung Galaxy A50 and A30. Image credit: TechRadar

The existence of three more Samsung Galaxy A phones appears to have been confirmed – by Samsung itself. Samsung’s UK website briefly published pages on the A20e, A40, and A90, three devices that haven’t previously been mentioned by the manufacturer.

The web pages, first noticed by GalaxyClub, are still available to view at the time of writing, although there are no products attached to them. They’re likely intended to be landing pages when the phones are officially revealed, and their existence suggests Samsung is planning to launch the handsets soon. 

The first of these is the Galaxy A20e which, judging by the name, is a smaller edition of the unannounced A20. There are also pages for the Galaxy A40 and A90, two phones we’ve heard rumor of but not seen any evidence of until now.

The A20e, A40 and A90 will join the rapidly-growing list of Samsung Galaxy A devices, which are intended as affordable alternatives to the high-end Galaxy S10 range. We’ve seen leaked information on the Galaxy A60, gotten hands-on with the A30 and A50, and heard snippets about the A10; the only devices that haven’t been revealed or leaked are the A70 and A80 which, judging by the existence of the A90, likely exist too.

Samsung has a habit of accidentally revealing details of upcoming phones on its website, with Samsung India’s website launching a support page for the A50 shortly before it was announced, so we’ve no reason to doubt the A20e, A40 and A90 are in the works.

While Samsung didn’t reveal the first two Galaxy A series phones with quite as much fanfare as it did the Galaxy S10 range, they’re still powerful devices with a lot to like. We’ll let you know as soon as the rest of the Galaxy A suite is launched.

Tom Bedford

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