Rumored Motorola phone looks just like an iPhone X

Motorola is likely to unveil the Moto Z3 Play soon, but it may have another trick up its sleeve: the Motorola One Power.

Looking a lot like the iPhone X with its notch design and the placement of its rear-facing cameras, the Motorola One Power is said to be the company’s next big release, according to sources who spoke with Android Headlines.

Not much is known about the phone other than the fact that it’s basically cribbing the iPhone X’s style piece-for-piece. The leaked render shows an “Android One” logo on the phone’s back, which would put the One Power alongside the Moto X4, Nokia 7 Plus and other mid-range phones that run the latest stock Android. 

Android One guarantees major Android updates for two years and consistent security updates for three years following the phone’s release.

Credit: Android Headlines

The new flagship?

For the past few years, the Moto Z-series has sat at the top of the company’s phone offerings. While it’s possible that this rumored One Power will be a mid-range phone, building it to echo the premium build of the iPhone X and LG G7 ThinQ may indicate that it’s the new flagship phone from Moto.

We’re short on info, though Android Headlines’s sources state that this phone will launch in the US, though it could come to other countries as well.

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