Razer’s new cyber currency promises slick deals and new keyboards

Razer is introducing its own form of currency that you can use to buy games off online stores. The payment system – called zVault – uses a currency called zGold that Razer says can be used to save money on some of your favorite games.

So what’s the advantage of using zGold instead of a more universal form of currency like, say, your credit card or Paypal? 

Razer’s currency not only comes with its own set of discounts, but also rewards shoppers with zSilver – rewards points that can be redeemed for discounts on Razer products like the Blade and Blade Pro, or full mice and keyboards like the Razer DeathAdder or Razer BlackWidow

So far, only a few games and online stores have signed up – including Hi-Rez Studios, the developers of SMITE, plus IndieGala and the unfortunately named Gamersgate – but Razer says that they are in talks with additional companies and can share more soon.

Step 1: zGold. Step 2: zSilver. Step 3: Profit?

While Razer is announcing the more mainstream availability of zVault today, this is a system that the company has been testing with its most loyal fans for a few months. Overall, Razer tells us that the program is going well with over 77,000 sign ups and 376,000 online transactions using the currency.

Interested parties can now sign up on the zVault website, and will need to purchase zGold in one of three denominations: $30, $50 or $100. The exchange rate is $1 for 100 zGold.

Every dollar spent using zGold, you’ll earn a certain amount of zSilver – though that’s not the only way it can be acquired. According to Razer, participating in tournaments via the company’s arena software will also net you a certain amount of zSilver per day. 

Although the math is a bit fuzzy as to how much zGold you’d need to spend to save up enough zSilver – early math suggests that you’d need to spend $1,500 in zGold to earn enough zSilver to buy a $150 gaming mouse – the deals could have enough sway to convert gamers to the new payment system. 

Hey, saving money while playing games is what we're all about.

Nick Pino

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