Quake 2 is currently free on the Bethesda launcher, but it won’t be for long

Quake 2 free
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Bethesda is currently giving away Quake 2 for free, but you’ll have to be quick if you want to snag it. 

The game is free for 72 hours, but the countdown started at 12pm ET/4pm GMT on August 12, which means the clock is already ticking. Bethesda is also planning to give away Quake 3 Arena on August 17 at 12pm ET/4pm GMT if you’d rather wait for that.

To claim Quake 2 for diddly squat, simply log into the Bethesda launcher and the game will be automatically added to your library. Simple. 

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Released in 1997, Quake 2 is one the most iconic first-person shooters of all time. Developed by id Software, the masterminds behind Doom and Doom Eternal, the game broke new ground and still holds up remarkably well today.


Quake 2 was given an Nvidia RTX upgrade on Steam, adding real-time ray-tracing to the game’s dated visuals. The transformation is extremely impressive, with realistic lighting, reflections and shadows significantly changing the look and feel of the classic game. 

You’ll need a beefy GPU to get the most out of it, though, which is pretty funny considering the game was released over two decades ago. AMD owners are also out of luck, as the game only supports Nvidia graphics cards. 

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