PS5 price could still be months away, as Sony turns focus to its games

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As we rocket towards the PS5's late 2020 release date, there's still a lot we don't know about Sony's next-gen console, including what PS5 games are on offer, how the console will look and, perhaps most importantly, what the PS5 will actually cost.

And it could be a while before we find out - months in fact. That's according to VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, who tweeted that he thinks it'll be August before we get either an Xbox Series X or PS5 price

While Grubb is likely speculating, it's worth noting that this is the same journalist claiming that there will be a PS5 reveal event on June 4. Whether or not this information comes via these same sources is unclear. 

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We wouldn't be surprised if we have to wait until August for next-gen console prices. After all, it seems that, at least for now, both Sony and Microsoft are focusing on games. 

Microsoft held its Xbox Series X gameplay reveal on May 7, revealing a host of third-party titles coming to the new Xbox, and has confirmed we'll be seeing first-party Xbox Series X games in July. 

Meanwhile Sony has been much quieter. The company has confirmed we'll be seeing its "compelling" line-up of PS5 games "soon", potentially at the rumored June 4 event. 

Pricing wars

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Historically we've seen both companies reveal their console pricing around June or July, but this time things are a bit different. The hot topic of pricing has many on the edge of their seats, as we see just how powerful the PS5 and Xbox Series X is, and wonder how expensive the technology will be. 

It seems like we're currently in something of a standoff, with both companies waiting to see what the other will price its next-gen hardware at - possibly so they can undercut each other.

As Grubb points out, it looks like Sony and Microsoft will be waiting until the last possible moment to set their pricing, with plenty of time before then to make adjustments. Still, enough time will need to be set aside before the consoles release between October and December for people to get those pre-orders in.

But it looks like it'll be a few months yet before we know how much the next-gen experience will cost us.

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