PS5 and Xbox Scarlett getting a new game from the developers of Rage 2

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What's the good in having next-gen consoles if there's nothing crazy to play on them? Thankfully, that's not looking like it'll be much of a problem – as Avalanche, the developers responsible for Rage 2 and the Just Cause franchise, is looking to hire for a new PC, PS5 and/or Xbox Project Scarlett (aka Xbox Series X) title.

Two job listings on the developer's website currently specifically mention next-generation development.

The first role, based at the studio's New York office, is hunting for a Build Engineer that would lead a team "building and managing a large and complex code base for diverse platforms as well as enormous amounts of data."

The second is for an Engine Programmer with an "in depth knowledge of game engine architectures and next generation console architectures and future architectural trends."

Fresh meat

Although the two roles above are the only ones to specifically mention the next-generation hardware, the company also has many other roles listed in their offices around the world, across its New York, Stockholm, and Malmö sites.

From character programmers to concept artists, based on the previously-mentioned job listings it'd be hard to imagine that these roles aren't also being filled with an eye to increase headcount ahead of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two launches.

So, what can we expect from a next-gen Avalanche title? The job listings point to an ambitious game, and with Avalanche having worked on gigantic open-world titles, we'd be surprised if it wasn't a free-roaming adventure. The devs are known to have an acerbic sense of humor, as seen in the James-Bond-on-steroids Just Cause games and dystopian Rage 2, and are also dab hands at turning existing properties into games – such as its criminally-underrated 2015 Mad Max game.

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