PlayStation VR price drop: Here's how much Sony just lowered the cost of PSVR

This is quickly becoming the year of discounted virtual reality as Sony has announced price cuts for its PlayStation VR headset.

Starting September 1 at US retailers, PSVR's newest bundle combines both the headset and the PlayStation Camera peripheral for just $399. 

Until now, the headset alone ran for the same price, essentially saving newcomers approximately $59 on the now-included (and mandatory) Camera attachment. 

Going forward, the headset-and-Camera bundle will the be "core" bundle for PSVR, meaning future buyers won't have to worry about paying extra for the necessary peripheral.

More VR, fewer bucks

For those wanting the full kit and caboodle, Sony is also discounting its special $499 bundle down to $449 — which includes the PSVR headset, PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move controllers and a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds.

PlayStation isn't the only platform slashing prices on VR headsets. Earlier this year, Oculus announced a permanent price drop for its Rift headset (down to $499 from $589), while HTC cut the cost of its own Vive headset (down to $599 from $799).

Oculus Rift, by the way, is currently on sale for $399 on Amazon through the Summer of Rift savings. 

Though HTC and Oculus' cuts offer greater overall savings, PSVR's latest drop helps it retain its spot as the cheapest of the three VR headsets. 

Additionally, PSVR remains the only real option available for console gamers, at least until we learn what Microsoft has planned for its upcoming Xbox One X.

Parker Wilhelm
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