PlayStation VR's launch bundle is back to get you set up for less

(Image credit: Sony)

Been holding out on the PlayStation VR until a good deal showed up? Maybe Resident Evil VII changed your tune and sold you on Sony's virtual reality headset? 

Well, you're in luck: Sony is bringing back its original launch bundle with a twist for those ready to jump into VR for less.

Originally a preorder-only deal, the PlayStation VR Bundle hits stores next week and includes the PSVR headset, PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers, a PSVR demo disc, and a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds for $499. 

For those who'd rather play something a little edgier, Sony is offering a second bundle at the same price that swaps out PlayStation VR Worlds for Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. The Rush of Blood version of the PSVR bundle will be an exclusive at participating GameStop and EB Games stores.

Is this bundle worth it?

The "core" version of PSVR with just the headset and demo disc retails for $399, meaning the bundle nets owners a game, PlayStation Camera, and two controllers for only an extra Benjamin.

Considering the price of two Move wands separately is already $99.99, this is a decent way to save while getting the most out of Sony's VR system.

Of course, you'll still a PlayStation 4  to play PSVR, with both the regular model and 4K-capable PS4 Pro being compatible with the headset - though those serious about VR may find the powered-up Pro better optimized for the task.

Parker Wilhelm
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