PlayStation trophies just got better on PS5 thanks to this new feature

PlayStation trophies
(Image credit: Sony)

If you love collecting PlayStation trophies, the PS5 has a new feature that will make reliving your greatest moments better than ever.

Shared by Kinda Funny Games' Greg Miller, the PS5 takes a screenshot of your achievement just like we’re used to on PS4. However, it now also saves a small clip leading up to that special moment, and frames the screenshot inside a striking overlay, which shows you what kind of trophy you’ve earned and the name of it.

While it’s admittedly a small feature that some PlayStation owners might not even care about, achieving a hard-earned platinum or gold trophy can certainly be a euphoric moment. Knowing that you’ll be able to watch your gaming triumph over and over again, and have a lovely screenshot to share with the world, is admittedly appealing.

PlayStation trophies have evolved ever since they were first introduced a few years into the PS3’s life cycle. Trophy rarity is a notable highlight, which shows you how many players have accomplished a similar milestone.

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