New PS5 update just made a lot of people very happy

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Update: PS5 owners in the UK should now be able to share game captures through the PlayStation App. Simply follow the steps to enable auto-upload below, and you'll soon see the option to share screenshots and videos using the PS App.  

Original story: After somewhat of a false dawn, a new PS5 update has started rolling out that makes sharing your favorite screenshots and video clips a breeze.

Some PS5 owners can now share their game captures through the PlayStation App instead of having to do so via the console. You can share your clips and screenshots via your chosen social media apps, or directly to your PlayStation 5 friends via Game Base – handy if you want to remind your mate about that thrashing you gave them in FIFA 22.

The feature was initially spotted last month but has now been made official by Sony, who released a nifty new video showing just how easy it is to share your greatest gaming moments with the wider world.

There are a few caveats to be aware of, though. Any screenshots that are automatically uploaded will only be available on your PlayStation App for 14 days, and video clips are limited to three minutes or less. Trophy moments will not be uploaded, either, so bear that in mind. You also need to enable it on your PS5 first.

How to enable auto-upload on PS5

You need to enable the feature on your PS5 and the PlayStation App before you can use it. It isn’t available in every country just yet (it hasn't shown up in the UK) but Sony is expanding the feature to more territories in March, so you shouldn’t have to wait too much longer if the option isn't showing up for you right now.

Head to the Media Gallery on your PS5 – you can either find the Activity Card in the PS5 Control Center or scroll to the Game Library icon and click on the Media Gallery. You should then be presented with a prompt that explains how the new feature works, and if you’d like to enable it.

Analysis: share, create, play 

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Fans have been calling for this PS5 update for ages, as being able to access and share videos and screenshots from your phone makes it easier to transfer content across devices and means you don’t need to be near your console. The new update also brings the PlayStation App in line with Microsoft’s Xbox App, which works in very much the same way.

There is a big difference between the two, though. Microsoft’s Xbox App lets you keep your screenshots and videos for an indefinite period of time, without an arbitrary expiry date in place. Hopefully, that’s something Sony can change in the future, as it can be nice to go back and revisit some of your most treasured gaming memories, even if they are a number of months old.

The PS5 will soon receive another major system software update that brings numerous quality of life improvements to the console. The PS5’s UI, Trophies, Share Play, and Party Chat are all being updated, and users will soon be able to enjoy PS5 voice commands to navigate their system and launch games and apps. The PS5 Pulse 3D headset also received a stealthy update

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