Sharing your favorite PS5 screenshots with the world just got easier

Close up of a PS5 console and Dualsense controller
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Sony has begun rolling out a new update that will make sharing your favorite PS5 screenshots and videos clips much easier.

The update adds a new option to auto-upload your latest screenshots and video clips to the PlayStation App, so you can easily share your greatest gaming moments straight from your phone.

To see if you have the update yet, head to the Media Gallery on your PS5 – find the Activity Card in the PS5 Control Center or scroll to the Game Library Icon and click on the Media Gallery. You should then be presented with a prompt that explains how the new feature works, and if you’d like to enable it.

There are a few caveats to be aware of, though. Any screenshots that are automatically uploaded will only be available on your PlayStation App for 14 days, and video clips are limited to three minutes or less. Trophy moments will not be uploaded, either.

Analysis: a boon for PS5 content creators

PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition consoles side by side

(Image credit: Sony)

The new PS5 update isn’t available for everyone yet, but it’s a welcome quality-of-life change, particularly for content creators. Grabbing captures from your PS5 is a rather cumbersome process currently, as you either need to upload your screenshots and videos directly from the console to social media, or plug in a USB stick if you want to transfer them to a PC.

By being able to access your videos and screenshots from your phone, it should make sharing and transferring content across devices a lot easier, and brings it in line with Microsoft’s Xbox app, which works in very much the same way.

There is a big difference between the two, though. Microsoft’s Xbox App lets you keep your screenshots and videos indefinitely, without an arbitrary time limit in place. That’s something that hopefully Sony can change in the future, as it can be nice to go back and revisit some of your most treasured gaming memories. 

The PS5 has continued to receive a number of system updates that have added more functionality, like the ability to upgrade the PS5 storage with an internal SSD and improved trophy support,  but there are still a few big features missing that we'd like to see. 1440p support and VRR are a must, particularly as Microsoft's consoles have supported both these features since 2018.

Some updates do take longer than others, though. One of the best PS5 features is now on Xbox Series X after eight long years.

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