Tesco Mobile upgrading PAYG customers to 4G at no extra cost

Tesco Mobile upgrading PAYG customers to 4G at no extra cost
Tesco Mobile customers head for the express checkout

Tesco Mobile is now offering 4G LTE speeds to its pay-as-you-go customers without hiking up the cost.

The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which offers a service using O2's spectrum, will move all pre-pay users data plans to the new speeds as of today (July 24).

New customers will also be able to sign up for 4G tariffs, which range from 500MB to 8GB a month, at the same prices it had offered for 3G.

Users who don't want a specific monthly allowance each month can simply choose to use data as they please at a cost of ten pence per megabyte.

No premium on premium speeds

Tesco had already been offering 4G speeds to its monthly contracted customers at no extra cost, so now everyone under the supermarket's banner has access to the next-gen speeds.

Robb Kerr, mobile phones expert at consumer champion USwitch.com said Tesco is showing the way forward for other operators.

"Tesco's new free 4G pay as you go offering now gives it the edge on the competition of the other MVNOs, Giffgaff and Virgin Mobile. Crucially for mobile users, it makes 4G well and truly affordable, even for those not on contracts.

"No premium for 4G has to be the way forward, even more so as we slowly approach the two-year anniversary of its arrival in the UK. Bigger inroads of affordability need to be made."

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