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One carrier's Galaxy S6 deal should make Netflix bingers happy

Samsung Galaxy S6

A year of free Netflix is a great way to attract new customers, and no doubt T-Mobile is aware of that fact.

The "un-carrier" announced a deal today that will give new Samsung Galaxy S6 buyers exactly that.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted the news before any official announcement with an all-caps "ATTENTION!" and the hashtags "#BOOM," "#bingewatch" and "#HOC," referring to the popular Netflix original House of Cards.

The news was later confirmed by T-Mobile's official Twitter account and by a spokesperson who emailed TechRadar.

Further details are coming at a later date, promised both sources.

Binge-watching apparently being America's new national pastime, this deal is a very smart one for T-Mobile. Netflix stands to benefit, too, as it's tough to give the service up once you've had it a year, and many users who get in for free will likely stick with it even when they need to start paying.