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Apple iOS 5 update imminent

Apple has finally opened up its website ahead of the imminent iOS 5 launch for a variety of Apple's iPhones, iPads and iPods.

The new site simply features the option to login with your Apple ID and password, with the message 'To set up iCloud, go to iOS 5 Settings or OS X Lion System Preferences" meaning those without access to the iOS 5 system won't be able to do much as yet (so feel free to wave your fist at those lucky Germans).

The new service will allow you to save your videos, photos and calendars in the cloud (well, a massive server farm Apple built in the US) and access them on another device, and will be a big feature of iOS 5.

We're still eagerly awaiting the launch of the new iOS 5 download from Apple for the iPhone 4 and 3GS, the third and fourth gen iPod touch and both iterations of the iPad, with late evening in the UK the likely time when Apple will press the button to make the update live.

Still need wires

You'll still need to connect your device to a PC or Mac and fire up iTunes to get the updated software, but once iOS 5 is on your device you'll be able to get the new updates over the air, in a much more streamlined process.

Apple has already unveiled iTunes 10.5, which brings access to iTunes in the Cloud, which stores all of the music, TV shows and apps you've purchased and makes them available to re-download on other Apple devices at no extra cost.

Stay tuned for our imminent iPhone 4S review too if you want to find out the full extent of Apple's new iOS 5, as that will be the only place to check out the new Siri voice recognition software.