Here's what we learned from the first official Samsung Galaxy Note 7 teaser

Note 7

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 reveal is less than a week away - we'll be at the launch on August 2 - but that hasn't stopped Samsung teasing us with what it's set to announce.

The first official video advert for the Galaxy Note 7 has appeared on Samsung Mobile's Korean YouTube channel and gives us some big hints at what will likely be announced next week.

While nothing has been officially confirmed, the teaser gives us a pretty solid insight into what you can expect from the Galaxy Note 7.

1. New fingerprint technology


The advert starts with a fingerprint hitting a screen. It's not a massive surprise the Note 7 will feature a fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone, but it does suggest some new tech. The Galaxy Note 5 used a fingerprint scanner on the button sat under the screen, so maybe Samsung is ready to put its unlock technology within the screen instead.

2. Improved selfie camera


Up next is a shot of a girl in a darkened bedroom struggling to use her generic phone to take a selfie. It looks like Samsung is trying to highlight how some of its competitors struggle with taking photos in low-light, suggesting there may be some front-facing camera improvements such as a flash for the Note 7.

3. A bump in the road


Step three is the most confusing of all the hints in the teaser and we aren't certain what this one could mean. It's a dark night and some headlights illuminate a road sign, which warns of a speed bump coming up.

Our only idea is it may mean the Note 7 is set to come with a bump in the screen and could point to a dual curved edge display like on the Galaxy S7 Edge.

4. Making a mark


The road sign is followed by lots of shots highlighting Korean words in a dictionary. This is pointing towards the S Pen technology, the key USP for the Note series. We're likely to see some improvements for the S Pen coming on the Note 7.

What exactly those are aren't exactly clear in the trailer though.

5. Waterproof at last


In perhaps the most on the nose moment of this teaser, Samsung plunges an old school landline phone into some water. It looks like Samsung's next release is set to survive better than the phone pictured did.

6. What's the number?


Zero to 5 are all pictured with a question mark to round the line-up off.

Most Samsung fans would expect this to be the Galaxy Note 6, but Samsung is heavily rumored to be changing this to the Note 7 to keep in line with its S7 naming. Whether that happens, we'll have to wait and see.

7. Take note

Note 7

Then it ends on the name of the Note written followed by "2016.08".

It looks almost certain Samsung's August 2 press conference is going to be the big day, and we're set to see all of these exciting features and hopefully more.

You can watch the full advert on the Samsung Mobile Korea channel here.

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