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Galaxy Note 2 coming to T-Mobile?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
The Galaxy Note 2 could help T-Mobile defend against the iPhone 5

The original Samsung Galaxy Note only launched on T-Mobile in August, well into its life cycle and less than a month before the introduction of its successor, the

Galaxy Note 2


Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy Note didn't last long on T-Mobile.

As Android Authority points out. The phone's end-of-life is expected to arrive by November.

How perfect, since the Galaxy Note 2 is expected in October - and the Galaxy Note successor may have just been spotted on T-Mobile.

Got any proof?

T-Mobile news blog TmoNews reportedly acquired images showing the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2's "about" screen, with a model number T889 that seems like a logical jump from the Galaxy Note's T879.

The device described in the image is also running Android 4.1: Jelly Bean.

The site also got its hands on another image that purports to prove that the T889 sports a 720x1280 display, which proves little by itself, but does match the specs for the Galaxy Note 2.

The early bird gets the Android

T-Mobile was far too late in adopting the Samsung Galaxy Note, so it's no surprise that the carrier would want to jump on the Galaxy Note 2 bandwagon as early as possible.

As Android Authority points out, T-Mobile is also the only major U.S. carrier that doesn't offer an iPhone.

So once the iPhone 5 is introduced on Sept. 12, unless T-Mobile has made a deal with Apple that's yet to come to light, the carrier is going to be in full-on Apple offense mode.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on T-Mobile just might help with that.

Via Android Authority, TmoNews