Flat-rate mobile internet deals from Orange

Orange is introducing flat-rate data bundles for mobile internet surfing

Orange mobile customers will soon be able to use the mobile internet as much as they like for a flat rate of £1 a day, or £8 for a whole month.

Orange today revealed five flat rate bundles for its monthly contract and pay as you go customers that will come into effect in June. Orange doesn't, however, allow VoIP calling or Instant Messaging services within the bundles, an Orange spokesperson confirmed to Tech.co.uk.

Three pay monthly options will be offered. Contract customers can sign up to a £1 a day data option, a £5 monthly option for evening and weekend usage only, or an £8 anytime monthly data bundle.

Pay as you go Orange users can also enjoy unlimited mobile data usage for £1 a day, or £5 for 7 days.

Orange data limits

Orange is introducing a price cap for users not signed up to these data bundles as well. Pay monthly customers will pay a maximum of £1.50 per day for data usage, while pay as you go customers will be capped at £2 a day.

"Our new pricing structure makes it easy for our customers to understand exactly what they are getting and for how long when they access the mobile internet," said Jean-Pascal Van Overbeke, vice president of Mobile and Convergence for Orange. "Customers can get access to the web on the move, without the fear of being caught out by any hidden charges."