One of the world's best DNA test kits is just £49, for a very limited time

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If you've ever been curious about your heritage, or wondered how many distant relatives you have out there, good news: MyHeritage has knocked 40% off its Ancestry and Ethnicity DNA testing kit, which will allow you to learn all about where you come from and connect with relatives.

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MyHeritage DNA Test Kit: £79 £49
MyHeritage is one of the biggest names in home DNA testing, and this special Halloween deal cuts 40% off the price of its full Ancestry and Ethnicity kit. After sending off your saliva sample, you'll get a detailed report showing where in the world your ancestors are likely to have hailed from, where they travelled over generations, and matches to relatives.

MyHeritage ranks highly in our roundup of the best DNA test kits thanks to its emphasis on data privacy, ease of use, and comprehensive results. There's a huge ancestry database to link you up with distant family members, and all the data is presented clearly in a handy online dashboard.

This is the type of deal we'd normally only expect to see on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and we're unlikely to see a better price for this feature-packed DNA test kit this year. The offer ends on November 1.

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