No, Google isn't messing around with your Fitbit's charger

Fitbit Luxe
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Earlier this week, rumors began circulating that Fitbit (and parent company Google) was planning to change how its fitness trackers are charged. A listing for the new Fitbit Luxe appeared to show a new charger design with a USB-C connector, which would be a big difference from the current status quo.

Currently, all Fitbit devices are charged via USB-A cables that connect to the watch using a clip or magnetic cradle. Switching to USB-C would have several advantages – not least of which is the ability to plug in the cable either way up.

USB-C plugs are particularly tough too, and make life easier for anyone wanting to charge their watch from a device like a MacBook or Google Pixelbook, which has only USB-C ports. A USB-C cable wouldn't necessarily result in faster charging than USB-A, though it would be possible as well.

However, Fitbit has now issued a comment to 9to5Google clarifying that the Fitbit Luxe charger image was just a 'sample', and the new device will stick with the same style of USB-A charger as previous models.

That shrinking feeling

That may not be the case for next-generation Fitbits, though – particularly since the recent announcement that Fitbit is working on a new smartwatch powered by Google's wearable operating system, Wear OS, rather than the proprietary OS used by its current fitness trackers.

To make the most of this, and to make the new watch play more nicely with Chromebooks, it's possible that this new device may offer a USB-C charger as standard.

Apple Watch charging

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There are currently very few smartwatches that use USB-C, with the Apple Watch being the most obvious exception, but as USB-A is (very gradually) phased out in the pursuit of thinner, lighter and generally smaller devices, it's surely only a matter of time until others follow suit,

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