Multiple AMD Navi GPUs may be on the way, according to certification

AMD Navi
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Multiple AMD Navi graphics cards have appeared on a leaked certification at the Radio Research Agency in South Korea, potentially signaling several gaming GPUs.

We already knew that AMD Navi is real, as it's been revealed at Computex 2019. However, only one Navi GPU, the AMD Radeon RX 5700 series, was shown at the event. This certification, spotted by South Korean site Hardware Battle, hints that there will be up to five. 

This shouldn't be too surprising, as AMD graphics cards rarely come out as single products – barring the AMD Radeon VII, of course. So, next week at E3 2019, we might end up seeing a full lineup of AMD Navi GPUs, rather than a single product. At the very least, we expect to see two.

Predicting the future

One of the strangest parts of AMD's Computex keynote is that it compared its new Navi GPUs to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070, rather than going right for the RTX 2080. However, if this certification is to be believed and there are multiple GPUs, will we see a more high-end graphics card next week?

Especially taking into consideration that one of the major selling points of AMD Navi GPUs is going to be the performance gains allowed by PCIe 4.0, going for the high end makes sense. Why leverage this impressive generational leap if you're not going to go for the high-end of the marketplace?

We doubt that AMD is going to toss out the entire lineup in one go at E3, but we definitely see Team Red launching the Radeon RX 5700 alongside an RX 5800 next week. That high-end part will definitely get more attention on stage, and could make sense why AMD saved it for the biggest gaming show of the year. 

Plus, we already know that Nvidia has something "Super" up its sleeve, rumored to combat Navi at E3. Next week's traditionally software-focused gaming event is looking more and more like a battle of hardware, and we're so here for it.

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