Nvidia teases something 'super' for GeForce graphics cards

Nvidia GeForce
Image Credit: TechRadar

Nvidia already launched its Turing graphics lineup over the last eight months or so, but it looks like something new and 'super' is on the way.

Ahead of Computex 2019, it looks like Nvidia has a new graphics card in store, likely something that will compete with the AMD Navi cards rumored to be revealed next week. 

This comes by way of a cryptic video that appeared seemingly out of nowhere today. It's just a few seconds long, but Nvidia is certainly trying to build up the hype.

But, what is it? The video doesn't drop any hints this time around – instead it just looks like a closeup on an engraving of a 'Super' logo, in the same style as what the Nvidia RTX Founders Edition cards feature. So, is this a new graphics card – it's on the GeForce YouTube channel, so we know it's a gaming product.

This is just speculation, but it could be Nvidia teasing 'super' variations of its existing RTX lineup, said to feature faster VRAM to better compete with AMD's Navi cards. Nvidia Turing Founders Edition cards already get hot under load, so we might see improved coolers on any overclocked parts.

Either way, Computex is quite literally around the corner at the time of writing, so we're sure we'll find out what this 'Super' graphics card is during the show.

Bill Thomas

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