The Nexus 8 could get a Microsoft Surface-like keyboard cover

Nexus 8
A bigger screen and now a new case

Just when you thought Nexus 8 rumors had run dry, a new leak outs a very Microsoft Surface-esque keyboard case designed for the forthcoming Google/HTC tablet.

Android Police spied a keyboard folio that will act as a wireless Bluetooth 4.0 keyboard and folding cover for HTC's first Nexus tablet, thus far known as both Volantis and Flounder.

Supposedly the case will come as one piece that folds in half; the tablet's backside will sit on top of the keyboard when not in use. Meanwhile, the cover for the 8.9-inch screen could be segmented and lined with magnets similar to the Smart Covers designed for the iPad Air and iPad mini 2.

Users should be able to fold up the segments into a triangle and use it to prop up their tablet for watching media or using the keyboard.

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A front and back cover for the Nexus 8?

Another key piece of the cover's design docket also reveals it could come with an integrated 450mAh battery plus a charging port built into the hinge. While it would be nice to use the case's battery to keep the Nexus 8 topped off with energy, sources claim it will more likely be used to power the keyboard itself.

Nexuses are a-changing

Speculation has focused on Google planning a major shake-up of its Nexus tablets. Now the possible existence of an official keyboard case could signal the search company's desires to produce a more productivity-focused slate.

Android Police also speculates that the Nexus 8 will come with 4:3 aspect ratio. This change could also make the slate better tuned for word processing and other content producing applications rather than simply viewing Google Play and streaming video.

Otherwise early reports have suggested the Nexus 8 tablet may come packing a QHD screen driven by a 64-bit Tegra K1 processor and 4GB of RAM. The tablet could also boast an 8MP rear camera paired with a 1.6MP front snapper, and be the first Android slate pre-loaded with Android L.

We're anticipating the Nexus 8 to launch in October, so look out for it and its new keyboard case.

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