HTC Nexus 8 leaks out with Android L and 64-bit Tegra power

Nexus 8 won't stop leaking and it could pack huge power
A bigger Nexus 7 looks to be on the way

The Google Nexus 8 leaks are refusing to stop, and whether it's being referred to as the HTC T1, Flounder, Volantis or even 0P8210000, it seems the picture is getting clearer and clear.

According to GforGames, the HTC 0P8210000 (the model ID which has been linked to the Nexus 8 in the past) has popped up in the Korean version of the FCC - the RRA.

Unfortunately the listing doesn't provide us with any additional information on the device, but take to Twitter and 'UpLeaks' claims to have some insider knowledge on the tablet.

Power up

Four tweets reveal a selection of specs for the HTC T1, which the leaker says is "a.k.a Flounder/Volantis".

If the leak is correct the Nexus 8 could be a very tasty tablet, with a 64-bit processor and 4GB of RAM touted alongside a 8MP rear camera, 1.6MP front camera, NFC, GPS and Android L.

They also note that the tablet will not be sporting HTC's Sense overlay, providing yet another hint that this could be a Google branded product.

Google is expected to announced the Nexus 8 tablet - if it exists - around October this year, so we've still got a few months at least before we find out if there is any truth in these rumours.

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