Asus Transformer Prime Mini to get CES debut?

Asus Transformer Prime Mini to get CES debut?
More Prime time action from Asus

Asus could be set to reveal a smaller version of the Asus Transformer Prime at CES 2012, unsurprisingly called the Asus Transformer Prime Mini.

The Prime is a tablet that has been getting a lot of love since its release, with our own Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime review giving it just half a mark off of five stars.

Transformers' creator Hasbro has been sniffing around Asus over the name and we all know that there is nothing like a court case to make your product popular.

With this in mind, it would make sense for Asus to spin-off the brand as much as it can and this is where the Prime Mini comes in.

Smaller screen

Instead of a 10-inch screen, it will come with a 7-inch display and also a dinkier keyboard dock for the tablet to slot into.

According to Notebookitalia, the Asus Transformer Prime Mini is set to be one of three tablets to be shown off by Asus at CES.

The other two devices to be featured are the previously announced Asus Padfone and a new version of the Eee Memo Pad, which will also feature a 7-inch screen.

TechRadar will be heading to Las Vegas for CES 2012, so we will let you know if the Asus Gobot, sorry, Prime Mini makes an appearance.

From Notebookitalia via Ubergizmo

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