12.9in iPad said to be coming late 2014, iWatch facing delays

12.9-inch iPad touted for late 2014, iWatch facing delays
There'll be nothing "air" about it

We thought that rumours of a 12.9-inch iPad launching early next year were too ambitious, and it sounds as though we were right to be cautious.

The occasionally-reliable Digitimes is reporting that manufacturer Quanta Computer has landed the contract to product the larger tablet for the second half of 2014, according to sources in the "upstream supply chain".

If true, this means that a larger iPad is indeed on its way, with Digitimes' sources suggesting that the large iPad is aimed at "education and enterprise" markets.

But according to the same report, Quanta might face some challenges with assembling the super-sized tablet due to its "industrial design".

Max power

As for the iWatch, the same report also says that pilot production for the device has started, with Quanta and Foxconn Electronics taking charge.

However, due to "low yields" - a low number of finished products rolling off the production line actually fully functioning and able to be sold - mass production is said to have been pushed back from the first quarter of next year to the second.

Looks like Apple's iTV might be on the backburner while it deals with all this, even if it did just buy 3D motion-tracking company PrimeSense.

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