HTC Scribe will change the way you use tablets

HTC Scribe
HTC Scribe lets you draw, annotate or edit with pin-point accuracy

This is a sponsored article in association with HTC.

The coolest thing about the new HTC Flyer tablet isn't its stunning good looks, its speedy processor, its superb display or its excellent HTC Sense interface.The coolest thing about the HTC Flyer is its magic pen.

It's not really magic, but it might as well be. The HTC Flyer is the first tablet to make use of a new HTC innovation the firm calls HTC Scribe technology.

HTC Scribe is all about digital ink, and it's a technology that makes a really impressive tablet computer even more useful, more powerful and more flexible.

When you want to scroll, select, click or flick the HTC Flyer's superb screen reacts to the slightest touch - and when you need to draw, annotate or edit with pin-point accuracy, HTC Scribe technology says hello.

From signing documents to retouching photographs, clipping interesting things you've seen online or taking notes for later, HTC Scribe will transform the way you use tablets. It's really rather special.

HTC scribe

This pen means business

HTC Scribe is a clever combination of software and hardware that delivers genuinely useful new features. The active pen is pressure-sensitive and extremely accurate, delivering pin-point precision whether you're writing a note or creating an illustration.

And the software is designed to make real world tasks easier, from signing an official form to sharing interesting items and ideas. If you can see it, you can write on it, save it and share it.

HTC scribe

The combination of a touch-sensitive screen and a pressure-sensitive pen means that the HTC Flyer can do some interesting things. For example, you might spot an interesting restaurant you want to tell your friends about: instead of emailing a link, you can write a personal message on the screen and send it via email.

You can scribble in the margins of ebooks or highlight important parts of a document, storing the useful bits so you can access them later, and you can comment on documents and add your signature to forms.

New and noteworthy

HTC Scribe technology really comes into its own when you need to record important information - when you're listening to a lecture, for example, or when you're in a meeting.

With the HTC Flyer and HTC Scribe technology you can take notes, draw diagrams and doodle during the dull bits just like you would with a real pen and paper, but when you're finished you can save your notes and link them to the date and time on your calendar.

HTC flyer

That's not all: you can also use the HTC Flyer's camera to add photos and its microphone to record audio, which you can then store with your notes. Days, weeks, months or years later, finding the information is as simple as turning the pages on a calendar.

Fun, fun, fun

The same HTC Scribe technology that makes the HTC Flyer such a good business tool is great for more entertaining pursuits too. Where some tablets' drawing features are limited to fat-fingered fumbles, HTC Scribe technology's sensitivity and accuracy mean that you can use realistic pens and brushes to create extraordinarily detailed images.

The magic pen also enables you to annotate, enhance or edit images and photos like the pros - and you can use other media too, so for example you could combine audio and images to create your own storybook.

With HTC Scribe technology, you get the best of both worlds: the simplicity and speed of a touch-screen tablet with the power and precision of digital ink. It really is a kind of magic.