You've never seen a tablet like the HTC Flyer

HTC Flyer
The HTC Flyer balances productivity and portability

This is a sponsored article in association with HTC.

Imagine if Ferrari made a car that wasn't just drop-dead gorgeous and staggeringly fast, but also capable of off-roading, deep sea exploration and flying to far-flung galaxies. The HTC Flyer is a bit like that.

The HTC Flyer is no ordinary tablet. It's a triumph of engineering that combines stunning good looks and perfect portability with killer features and some genuinely innovative ideas. It also has a magic pen.

It all makes Sense

The HTC Flyer is a no-compromise tablet. You don't need to choose between productivity and portability: the HTC Flyer's big seven-inch screen is the perfect size for browsing the web, watching movies and getting stuff done, and it's small enough and light enough to deliver perfect portability. And thanks to HTC's Sense interface, it's a joy to use.

Hollywood on the go

The HTC Flyer delivers an unprecedented movie watching experience with HTC Watch, which puts a huge selection of new and classic Hollywood blockbusters at your fingertips.

You can stream trailers, download movies to rent or to buy and share them with other HTC Watch-enabled devices such as the HTC Sensation, and HTC Watch also constantly monitors your internet connection to ensure that you get an uninterrupted viewing experience: just make your selection and you can start watching within seconds of the download starting.

HTC watch

The content king

The HTC Flyer is a superb music and movie player, with support for all the important formats including MP3 and MP4, Windows Media, Xvid, Ogg Vorbis and many more. Its newspaper, magazine and ebook software benefits from a huge library of content from HTC's media partners, and its support for HTML5 and the latest Adobe Flash technology means that you get the full online experience from all your favourite sites.

The HTC Flyer sounds as good as it looks too, with stereo speakers for a richer movie watching and music listening experience and Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP for wireless stereo headsets.

For family fun

With a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus the HTC Flyer can capture those special family moments in glorious high definition, and its seven-inch screen means you'll never have any trouble finding your target.

There's a front facing camera for self-portraits and funny video, and if work takes you far from home you can use the camera for effortless video chat. The HTC Flyer also includes Zoodles kids mode, which gives young children fun, educational games and videos that are always safe and age-appropriate.

For big trips and short hops

The HTC Flyer is the perfect travelling companion. Premium unibody construction means it's rock-solid and ultra-light, with the whole package weighing less than a paperback book. Every HTC Flyer comes with integrated 802.11b, g and n Wi-Fi, and regular travellers can order their HTC Flyer with integrated 3G and quad-band GPRS/EDGE connectivity.

Did we mention the magic pen?

The HTC Flyer is the first tablet to support the new HTC Scribe technology, a clever combination of hardware and software that will change the way you think about tablets. When you want to scroll, select, click or flick the HTC Flyer's superb screen reacts to the slightest touch - and when you need to draw, take notes or edit photos like the pros, HTC Scribe technology says hello.

HTC scribe

No ordinary tablet

Stunning software deserves equally stunning hardware, and the HTC Flyer has the horsepower to make its software sing. With seamless multitasking, generous - and expandable - storage and HTC Scribe technology, the HTC Flyer is no ordinary tablet.