Best netbook: top 14 in the world today

Packard bell dot s


6. Packard Bell Dot S - £260


Since being bought by Acer in 2008, we've seen an upward trend in Packard Bell machines. The updated Dot S adds to this legacy, combining great usability and unique features at a pleasing price.

Build quality is excellent and the resilient plastics will be more than tough enough to withstand daily family use. The slim chassis can easily be carried in a small bag, with a fantastic 502-minute battery life to boot.

The spacious keyboard is a pleasure to use, with a near-flawless typing action. The spacious touchpad is great to use too, with its wide design matching the screen of the Dot S perfectly.

A unique feature of recent Packard Bell netbooks and laptops is a dedicated social networks key. When pressed, a proprietary software application opens and provides instant access to Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

Combining a striking consumer design and all-day battery life with great usability and unique features, the Dot S succeeds on almost every level. This is by far one of the best netbooks you can currently buy.

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