Microsoft To-Do gets an overhaul to help you keep your new year's resolutions

Microsoft To-Do

If you've made a resolution to get more organized in 2019 (and Marie Kondo isn't helping), Microsoft's newly redesigned To-Do app might be just what you need.

As reported by WinCentral, Microsoft To-Do now makes it easier to stay on top of tasks by pinning multiple lists to your Start menu as Live Tiles, which are updated in real  time as you tick items off. To give it a try, just right-click or long-press its name and select 'Pin to Start'.

To-Do for tablets has also received an update, with a new three-column layout that makes better use of space and allows to yo see more info at once.

Ticked off

Microsoft has also fixed a few troublesome bugs with the latest update, including a frustrating problem with gestures that meant you weren't asked for confirmation if you scratched out a to-do item. Instead of deleting the task immediately, the app will now ask you whether you're certain in case you drew the gesture by mistake.

It's also easier to collapse and expand lists (ideal if you have a frightening number of tasks to complete and can't handle seeing them all at once), and you can now move tasks between lists through the Search interface. This was a handy feature that Microsoft disabled in a previous release, so we're pleased to see it back again.

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