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If you want a to-do list that performs its primary function very well, Toodledo is a great choice. But, it lacks the manner of complementary task management features that you’ll find in many competing apps.


  • +

    Free version available

  • +

    Very customizable

  • +

    Mobile apps available

  • +

    Location-based alarms


  • -

    Limited collaborative features

  • -

    Outdated user interface

  • -

    Slow mobile app

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In 2004, an entrepreneur named Jake Olefsky launched an online task management platform named Toodledo. Under his leadership, it morphed into one of the most popular task management apps and still maintains that status.

In 2018, Olefsky sold Toodledo to a group of investors. Afterward, there was a significant uptick in customer complaints about slow updates and reluctance to add new features.

Another group of investors acquired Toodledo in 2021. Since that time, there have been notable improvements to the to-do list app, judging by user reviews. It remains popular today, with nearly 2 million users.

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Toodledo: Plans and pricing

Toodledo is a freemium app. There’s a free version anyone can sign up for, but it comes with limited features. You’d need to pay for the premium version to make the best of the app. 

There are two premium subscription plans; Standard and Plus. The former costs $3.99 per month and the latter $5.99 per month. Toodledo offers significant discounts to customers who pay for 12 months at a stretch. There’s no free trial for the premium subscription.

If you’re an enterprise with a sizable team, you can also contact Toodledo for a customized pricing package. 

Weirdly, Toodledo does not offer refunds for monthly subscriptions but offers them for yearly subscriptions. The refund window is 14 days after your purchase. 

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Toodledo: Features

Signing up on Toodledo is easy. Just head to the official website or download the app to create an account. After successfully creating an account, you can access your task management dashboard immediately.

The first feature you should notice on the dashboard is creating tasks. Look for the Add Task button, click on it, and type in any task you want. You can add one task or multiple tasks simultaneously. This feature is the main component of the Toodledo platform.

After successfully creating a task, it’s advisable to add some attributes to help you sort them out. There are 15 such attributes you can assign to a Toodledo task, including priority, due date, folder, location, etc. Afterward, you can sort, search, and filter the tasks by these attributes. 

Another thing you can do to sort tasks out is by curating them into lists. For example, you can group different tasks under “personal,” “work,” and “leisure.”

You can set an alarm for any task so that the Toodledo app will remind you when it is due. One great feature we noticed in this area is the location-based alarm. You can set the app to ring an alarm when you're near a specific location with tasks. For example, you can set it to remind you of your shopping list whenever you’re near a specific supermarket.

Like many task management apps, Toodledo supports collaboration. You can share your to-do lists with other users that can help you manage them. Let's say, within an office where you hold the role of a manager, you can create a work-related to-do list and assign distinct tasks to different people.  

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Toodledo: Interface and use

You can access Toodledo through the web-based interface or mobile app. The mobile apps are readily available to download on iOS (Apple App Store) and Android (Google Play Store). There’s no native desktop app, but there are third-party desktop clients that you can use as a workaround.

For unclear reasons, Toodledo has a pretty outdated user interface. It retains a classic look that’s not common with most modern apps. That doesn’t make the app bad, but it is something worth pointing out.  

Toodledo: Support

If you run into challenges when using Toodledo, you can open a support ticket and expect an email response within 48 hours. But, free-tier users are restricted to two support tickets. You must pay for a premium plan if you want to be able to open unlimited tickets.

There’s also a detailed FAQ page on Toodledo with solutions to common problems. Likewise, there’s a support forum where users interact and often provide solutions to each other’s challenges. You can consult these venues for alternative customer support. 

Toodledo: The competition

Toodledo’s main competitors include Habitica, TickTick,, and Remember the Milk. Toodledo’s primary advantage over these competitors is its affordable pricing.   

Toodledo: Final verdict

After testing Toodledo, we can confidently say that it’s a decent to-do list app. It’s simple to use and affordable relative to the competition. The main drawbacks we observed include its outdated user interface and the limited collaborative features. 

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