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If you’re looking for a to-do-list app that’s easy to use and has many features, TickTick is an ideal choice. The app helps you organize your schedule meticulously to increase productivity. It has wide compatibility and is easy to use. The main drawback of the platform is its weak customer service.


  • +

    Free version available

  • +

    Extensive compatibility

  • +

    User-friendly interface

  • +

    Easy onboarding/setup


  • -

    Limited free version

  • -

    Laggy mobile app

  • -

    Inadequate customer support

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TickTick is an American software company founded by an entrepreneur named Zhimin Chen. The platform sprang to life in 2010 as an Android task management app called GTasks, which drew a lot of users. 

In 2013, the team behind GTasks rebranded it as TickTick, adding more functionalities and launching new versions outside the Android ecosystem. Since that time, the team has launched dedicated TickTick to-do list apps on Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad, macOS, and Apple watchOS. Likewise, you can access the app through Google Chrome and Firefox extensions.

A lot of people have chosen TickTick as their primary to-do-list app and speak well of the platform. We sought to check for ourselves to see what’s drawing people towards the app. 

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TickTick: Plans and pricing 

There’s a free version of TickTick that anyone can sign up for. This version provides access to the basic functionalities but is locked away from the advanced features that make the TickTick app enjoyable. Hence, you need to pay for the premium version to make the best of the app. 

You can pay for the premium package monthly or yearly. A monthly subscription costs $2.79, while an annual subscription costs $27.99. You can pay through PayPal or a credit/debit card. The app provides a 14-day money-back guarantee following every purchase.

TickTick: Features 

The onboarding process on TickTick is straightforward. You can create an account using your email or by linking directly with your existing Google, Twitter, Facebook, or Apple accounts. The app takes you directly to the dashboard after signing up.

The first section you’ll discover on the app is the Inbox. This inbox works as a temporary storage box to store all tasks you have created that you haven't organized. Creating a task on TickTick is simple. Just look for the text box in the Inbox section and type in any task.  

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After creating a task, there are many more things to do. You can set a due date for this task and a corresponding reminder so that the TickTick app will sound an alarm on your device when it is due. You can also organize your tasks using lists or tags. For example, you can group a set of tasks under a “personal to-do” list, or add tags sorting your tasks into “compulsory” and “not compulsory.”

One great feature we observed on TickTick is the ability to create tasks through email. TickTick assigns a unique email address to every user account. If you send an email to this unique address, it'll automatically appear as a task on your TickTick dashboard.

Another good thing about TickTick is its collaboration features. You can share your tasks and lists with other TickTick users by inviting them through email or sharing a direct link. Any user you invite can add tasks to a list, add comments, add tags, etc. This feature enables easy collaboration within a workplace.

TickTick has a Calendar View feature that’s restricted to Premium users. This feature lets you view your tasks in a calendar format, making it easy to keep tabs on them.

TickTick: Interface and in use 

The TickTick app has a user-friendly interface. Its features are easily accessible, so you shouldn’t have a problem navigating the app. 

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TickTick: Customer support 

One of the main drawbacks we observed with TickTick is its customer service. Many users complain of delayed responses that look generic and don’t get to the crux of a problem frequently. The company’s customer service isn’t as good as what you’ll get in many other to-do-list apps.

For the premium users who can’t access direct support, TickTick has user guides, tutorials, and a FAQ page available on its official website. They can be of help when you encounter challenges with the app. 

TickTick: The competition 

TickTick’s main rivals include Todoist, Microsoft’s To Do, and Evernote. The app offers similar features to these competitors for a relatively better price. 

TickTick: Final Verdict 

If you need a to-do-list app that’s easy to use and reliable, then TickTick is a great choice. One thing we’ll commend is the app’s compatibility with many operating systems. It’s one of the few to-do-list services with native Linux and Apple Watch apps.

Though it has drawbacks, such as inadequate customer support, TickTick is a good app for planning your tasks and schedules. 

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