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Remember the Milk helps you remember what to do at the right time

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TechRadar Verdict

Remember the Milk is an effective to-do list and task management app. It’s easy to use and performs its job very well.


  • +

    Easy to use

  • +

    Extensive third-party integration

  • +

    Reasonably priced

  • +

    Works offline


  • -

    Laggy mobile app

  • -

    Weak customer support

  • -

    Slow syncing

  • -

    No monthly plan

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Remember the Milk was created in 2004 by two Australian entrepreneurs, Emily Boyd and Omar Kilani. These entrepreneurs were not happy with their constant forgetfulness and sought to build an app to help them avert it. As the story goes, milk was one thing they always forgot, giving them the inspiration for their app’s name.

Though it started in Australia, Remember the Milk is currently headquartered in San Francisco, USA. The company has employees working remotely across the globe. It claims to have over 6 million app users.

Many people praise Remember the Milk as an excellent task management solution. We decided to confirm for ourselves if the to-do list app lived up to its hype, and it pretty much did. 

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Remember the Milk: Plans and pricing

Like most task management apps, Remember the Milk has a free version anyone can sign up for. But, this version has restrictions compared to the app’s premium version, which you have to pay for. The free version is ideal if you desire a simple to-do list app without advanced task management features. It’s also suitable for testing the app’s interface before deciding if you’ll upgrade to the premium plan.

There’s only one premium package on Remember the Milk, the Pro plan, and it costs $39.99 yearly. You can request a refund within 14 days of purchasing it. 

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Remember the Milk: Features

The first step toward using Remember the Milk is to create an account, and you can do this with ease. You may sign up using your email or your existing Google or Facebook account.

Once you successfully sign up, the app takes you immediately to your task management dashboard. The first feature to notice there is adding a task. There's a visible text bar where you can type in and add any task. There are some buttons underneath this text bar for adding specific properties to the task.

The first button lets you add a due date to a task. After adding this due date, you can set a reminder, so that the app will alert you as to when due. The second button is to add a start date to the task. The third is to add a priority level (1-3) to the task to determine how much the app emphasizes it. 

The fourth button is to add a list or tag to a task to help you sort them out later. For example, you group tasks under “leisure,” “personal,” and “work” tags. You can also add a location to any task.

After adding a task, you can still create a set of subtasks attached to it. Likewise, you can add comments to contextualize or clarify a task, a valuable feature during collaboration.

A noteworthy Remember the Milk feature is that the platform lets you collaborate with other users. You can invite other users to work together on specific tasks, making the app ideal to use within a workplace. For example, a manager within an office can create and assign specific tasks to their subordinates on the app. These subordinates can simply indicate on the app once they complete any task. 

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Remember the Milk: Interface and in use

Navigating through Remember the Milk was very easy during our test. As a new user, the app even provides tutorials to get you familiar with its ins and outs. You can use it through the web interface or download the iOS or Android mobile app. 

Remember the Milk: Support

You can contact Remember the Milk’s customer support representatives directly if you encounter any challenges. There’s a form on the official website for this purpose. Fill it out and wait for an email response. Note that Remember the Milk prioritizes paying subscribers over free users in the customer support queue. 

There’s also an official Help Center with user guides and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) concerning the app. Ideally, you should always consult this Help Center and only seek direct customer support if it doesn’t offer the solution to your issue.  

Remember the Milk: The competition

Popular alternatives to Remember the Mil include, WorkFlowy, and Toodledo. Remember the Milk’s primary advantage over these competitors is its affordable pricing.  

Remember the Milk: Final verdict

Having a task management platform like Remember the Milk can go a long way in improving your productivity. The app has the ideal features to help you organize and manage your schedule. It’s easy to use and priced reasonably considering the features it provides. The primary drawback we observed is its customer support, which we think needs much improvement. 

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