Microsoft is testing a malware-proof Edge browser

Microsoft is in the testing stage of a new feature in its Edge browser for Windows 10 that is malware-proof as it partitions the browser window from the rest of the computer. This will be a welcome addition for users who are worried about the legitimacy of sites they want to visit.

The new feature, catchily dubbed Windows Defender Application Guard, is part of the recently launched Windows Insider Previews. In order to access it you'll need to be a member of Microsoft’s business service Enterprise, and have your settings calibrated so you're in the testing group called Fast Ring. 

Application Guard works by creating a virtual PC that is entirely separate from all storage, other apps, and the Windows 10 Kernel, meaning that the browser should be completely impervious to malware.

Stuck in the sandbox

Microsoft Edge isn’t the only browser with ‘sandboxing’, but Microsoft is claiming Edge is unique in terms of hardware that stops malware from reaching the rest of the computer. 

Microsoft needed to do something to step up browser security on the Edge after embarrassingly coming last-place in hacking event Pwn2own earlier this year

The use of this feature does come at a cost according to Engadget, saying that the siloing will slow the browser down, and all information including cookies will be lost when you close the window.

Hopefully if the trial is successful, Application Guard will be rolled out to all Edge users soon. 

Andrew London

Andrew London is a writer at Velocity Partners. Prior to Velocity Partners, he was a staff writer at Future plc.