Looking for cheap iPhone deals with big data? This is one of the best we've seen

Apple iPhone 7 deals
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2020 has been quite the year for cheap iPhone deals. First came the long-awaited iPhone SE, and now there's the imminent arrival of iPhone 12 Mini deals to look forward to.

But if paying £600 for a phone doesn't exactly make you think of the word 'cheap', then we've dug out an iPhone 7 deal that might be up your street. It means you can get all of the iOS goodness, just at a fraction of the price this Black Friday.

Trusted UK phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has a tariff that gets you the handset with unlimited data, calls and texts for only £22.99 per month. And you don't even have to pay anything upfront! It's on Carphone's in-house iD Mobile network, which piggy backs off Three's coverage.

To put that into context, iD's newly reduced unlimited data SIM only deal costs £16 per month in its own right. So that means you're effectively paying a mere £168 for the phone itself. Not bad at all for a former Apple flagship phone.

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iPhone 7 from Carphone Warehouse | iD network | FREE upfront | Unlimited data, mins and texts | £22.99/pm
It may be four years now since it arrived on the scene, but this could make an excellent choice for anybody looking for an iPhone on the cheap. And you can get the bills down even lower to £20.99 if you're happy with 20GB of data per month.

Are iPhone 7 deals still worth getting?

There are two obvious answers to that question...

If you're looking for the biggest, best mobile that Apple has to offer right now, then you may as well just head over to our iPhone 12 deals guide. There's nothing for you to see here.

But if you know that you or a loved one is only interested in an iPhone, but your budget is strict - well, then you may have just lucked out.

Apple's big release in 2016, the iPhone 7 came with a longer battery life than previous models (a bugbear of many iPhone owners towards the start of the last decade), improved 12MP main camera and 32GB storage as standard on its entry-level model. Of course the processor was market-leading at the time, too.

We'd imagine that the 7 will get operating system updates through to iOS 15 at least, so you can see why we're still heartily recommending this as an excellent cheap iPhone option.

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