LG Velvet design and key spec revealed in official video

LG Velvet
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In part 3 of LG's teased-out reveal of its next flagship phone (see part 1 and part 2), a new video from the manufacturer shows the design of the LG Velvet in full. It also confirms it'll be running the Snapdragon 765 processor from Qualcomm.

The video – which is in Korean – shows off the look of the upcoming LG Velvet from all angles. You can see the thin bezels and small teardrop notch on the front, and the triple-lens camera (plus flash) on the back.

White, black, red and green are the color options, if the clip is anything to go by, and the materials used for the finish will be one of the LG Velvet's main selling points: catching the light and 'shimmering' in an eye-catching way.

The design doesn't tell us too much more about the phone, though it does seem that the 3.5mm headphone jack is going to be retained, with LG once again catering for those users who want superior audio from their smartphones.

At the end of the video we see the Snapdragon 765 logo, confirming that the phone is going to be running a processor not quite as powerful as the top-tier Snapdragon 865 (the Pixel 5 is rumored to be following suit).

The LG Velvet is effectively the LG G9, but LG has decided to scrap the G naming scheme to give its phones more meaningful names. Velvet has been picked to highlight the phone's "tactical elegance" apparently.

We haven't heard too much in the way of rumors and leaks about the LG Velvet, but LG seems to be doing a decent job of revealing the phone bit by bit on its own. We now know the design and the CPU, so that's the main points covered.

A launch has been tipped for May 15, so we shouldn't have too long to wait to see the phone in full – and based on what we've seen so far, this should be one of the more noteworthy releases of 2020.

Via XDA Developers

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