LG G9 replacement might debut May 15, ready to chase the OnePlus 8's trail

LG G8X (Image credit: Future)

When it was reported that LG may have scrapped its G line of smartphones, it seemed uncertain when we would next see new phones from the company, an enigma the ongoing coronavirus situation only amplified. However, according to a report we could see new LG phones relatively soon.

This news comes from Naver, a South Korean news site that also reported on the initial G scrapping in the first place. According to this report, LG is set to host a phone launch on May 15 2020, where it will show off its new 'premium' smartphone replacing the G-series of phones.

LG's mysterious new phone has been dubbed the 'LG chocolate phone' by some, after comments by LG Vice President Lee Yeon-mo which suggested LG is looking to replicate the success of its popular LG KG800 Chocolate handset from 2006.

However it's also likely the new phone will have a lot in common with the canceled LG G9 – at least, the rumored features and specs of that phone, since it was never unveiled.

This means the new phone could have four rear cameras, a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra-rivaling screen (6.9 inches or 6.7 inches have been suggested), and a top-end Snapdragon 865 chipset. Images of the phone posted by Naver in its report match those we'd seen of the LG G9 too.

It's possible that the new LG phone will be the LG G9 in everything but name, and if parts of that phone had already been made it's likely there's very little LG could have changed if it wanted to, given lockdowns around the world affecting production.

The May 15 date is a month and a day after the OnePlus 8 launch is set to take place, but with the two phones aiming at the high-mid-range market, they're in close competition.

If an LG event does get confirmed for May 15, TechRadar will be sure to report on all the announcements there – we've also reached out to LG for comment on whether this event will really take place at all, and will update this piece accordingly.

Tom Bedford

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