Leaked images hint Nintendo Switch Mini is in the works

Image credit: Future (Image credit: Future)

The Nintendo Switch launched over two years ago and is the fastest selling console ever in the US, making the House of Mario an absolute shedload of money. But we've been seeing hints that Nintendo will refresh its best-selling console to improve sales - and a new leak shows what the next Switch might look like. 

So far, there have been an abundance of rumors surrounding what form a new Nintendo Switch could take including everything from a Switch Pro to a pair or new consoles

But one line of rumors seems to be gathering a lot of steam: that the new Switch in development will be a mini version rather than a full-scale successor. While Nintendo hasn't confirmed if this is true, new leaked images of a Switch Mini silicone case have added to the rumor mill.

Mario mini

WinFuture published leaked images of a silicone case by official Switch accessory maker Bigben for a Nintendo "Mini Switch 2". While one image shows the "official" product image, the other shows a rendered image of how the case would look on the Mini. Note that the Joy Con controllers seem locked into and part of the body, which prior rumors have implied.

Check it out below:

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The case seems to be for a smaller version of the Nintendo Switch. However, previous leaked images have shown a Switch Mini as having thumbsticks level with one another whereas the latest images imply the toggle buttons will remain in the same place as the Nintendo Switch - that is, slightly offset. 

This means that either these images are fake or the previous ones we have seen are, the latter being the most likely. 

However, this doesn't necessarily dispel rumors that two new Switch models are in the works. It's possible that Nintendo is working on another, different new Nintendo Switch model alongside a Mini Switch. 

Regardless, Nintendo hasn't confirmed if it is working on a new Nintendo Switch. We're expecting that, if one is in the pipeline, it'll potentially launch around the end of 2019 (in time for the Holidays). 

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