iPad Pro 2 may be imminent as Apple pulls its online store

Update: Apple did not announce the iPad Pro 2 today. Instead it revealed a new tablet simply called iPad that replaces the iPad Air 2. Take a look at the links below for a full look at everything Apple revealed today.

Original story: The Apple Store is down and rumors suggest Apple is preparing it for new models of iPad and maybe some other new product updates.

Rumors point toward a release of the iPad Pro 2. Some sources are reporting Apple is working on a 10.5-inch model to sit between the already released 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch lines.

Whether the middle iPad will be ready for today's announcement is currently unclear, but iterative updates to the two current iPad Pro models seem more plausible.

New Apple products incoming

Other rumors suggest there may be a new 128GB storage size for the iPhone SE and new straps for the Apple Watch and Apple Watch 2.

A system status webpage cited the store going down for maintenance and said it should be back up at 12:30PM GMT (8:30AM EST, 5:30AM PST, 11:30PM AEST).

Apple typically posts its press releases for new products at that exact time, so it all seems to add up and we'd recommend checking back later today for all the latest news.

James Peckham

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