Twitter working on an 'Edit Tweet' button

Twitter working on an 'Edit Tweet' button
No, I meant he isn't a pleb! ISN'T!

Twitter, the platform of choice for the outraged masses, will soon let the pitchfork-wielding mob edit tweets after they've posted them.

That's according to three anonymous Twitter employees, who told The Desk that the 'edit' button will be available for a certain amount of time after you post a tweet.

You'll be able to make one edit per tweet, and as it stands this means only "slight changes" like fixing typos, removing errant words and adding a couple of extra ones in.

Retweet retreat

The changes made will be reflected in any retweets garnered using the retweet button (editing a tweet won't have any effect on those pesky manual RTs, of course).

It's unlikely that you'll be able to completely restructure your view unless you're pretty savvy with language - that's because Twitter doesn't want you to change the content of a particularly successful tweet to something else entirely, like an ad.

The sources also mentioned an "editorial algorithm" that will be able to tell if you're trying to completely change the message or intention of your tweet - that's set for completion in "weeks, or months at the most".

While the sources implied that the feature is intended to be most use to media outlets and news-spreaders, the fat-fingered and attention-deprived among us will be grateful for those quick spelling fixes too.

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