One more thing: Euro 2012 makes Twitter history

One more thing: Euro 2012 makes Twitter history
Football talk

Twitter, happier, more productive – Millions watched on Sunday as Spain opened up a can of whoopass on Italy in the final of Euro 2012. And many of those millions were so excited about the whole thing that they decided to go to Twitter and reveal their feelings about the whole thing, which meant Twitter broke its own 'sports' record with 16.5 million tweets recorded – 15,358 every single second.

Our favourite tweet was from Michael Owen who wrote: "As predicted, Spain are playing a different ball game to the rest." That's right, Michael, Spain were playing cricket just to mix things up a bit. [Twitter]

The vinyl countdown – The oldest record in history has been recreated from a mere photograph and to everyone's amazement it features an a capella version of Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby One More Time. Not really, it's of Emile Berliner, reciting Friedrich Schiller's ballad Der Handschuh – but you can see how we made the mistake. [Gizmodo UK]

Fit and you know it Samsung has hopped into the health sector with its latest app. Called S Health, the application is for the Galaxy S3 and will hook up to a number of health readers – ones that look at glucose and blood pressure. The idea is that the app become a motivator, offering achievements for those who get that little bit healthier. Rumours that it gives you an electric shock anytime you look at a chocolate bar sadly turned out to be false but you can check the app out for yourself by going to Samsung's More Services pre-loaded app on the S3. [PR]

Soap star – Forget your fancy flatscreen TVs and 3D monitors, the future of television watching will be on the back of a bubble. Well, that's if researcher, Yoichi Ochiai from the University of Tokyo, has his way as he has managed to create the world's thinnest transparent screen out of a soap film. Apparently if you watch EastEnders on it the world folds in on itself from all the soap on soap puns lazy journalists like ourselves use to explain the situation. [BBC Tech]

Parklife – Damon Albarn has written two new songs "for Hyde Park" but you can listen to them even if you aren't a large area of open space in the centre of London by following @blurofficial at 6.15pm this evening. This is the first time anything like that has happened, as Alex James will tell you in droning monotone in the video below. After the live stream, the songs will be available to download but the single won't actually be released until August 6. And they say modern life is rubbish. [PR]

I spy with my little eye - If you're not into Britpop acts trying to replenish their coffers then perhaps ditch Twitter and pop on over to Lovefilm where there's an interactive group viewing of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy with the film's director and screenwriter tonight at 8pm. You'll need to be a subscriber to be able to watch along in split-screen but that will also allow you to ask your pertinent questions via a dedicated chatroom, Facebook and Twitter. [Lovefilm]

Band of others – the Nike+ FuelBand is so successful it has gone and got itself a new look. Now the fitness accessory is available in a frozen, slightly see-through look. This is so you can 'see the magic work' apparently. Just so you know, part of us died while writing that last sentence. [Nike]

nike fuel

Issues with tissues – 3D printing has gone past the crap plastic stage and is now in the business of recreating real tissue. Bioengineers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed 3D-printed vascular structures made from sugar that could one day help in replacing someone's liver. Mmm, sugar. [Wired]

And on the eighth day - The Hotel Indigo Newcastle has chucked out the Gideon's Bible and replaced it with a Kindle in every room. Resist the temptation to banish its management to the outer levels of hell for their heathenry because the hotel has pre-loaded a copy of The Bible on each ereader, with the option for its first guests to download their preferred religious texts via the hotel's free Wi-Fi. Can't imagine any satanic texts will go down well though. [PR]

Blink or you'll miss it – Android's face-detection is set to get a whole lot more sophistacted with news that face unlock on Jelly Bean now checks if you are real by blinking at the screen. But what of those poor souls without eyelids? Come on Google, stop marginalising people. [Android Authority]

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