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Google kills off SMS search

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Given that Google's Android operating system now powers more than two thirds of the smartphone market, its not surprising that Google has decided to close the shutters on its SMS search service.

The service, which offered personalised search results via text messages, was quietly shut down this week without so much as a goodbye from the search giant.

Thanks to the rise of web-connected smartphones, the demand for SMS-based search has dwindled, giving Google an opportunity to shutter the service.

Customers who used the service over the weekend were met with a response text that said "SMS search has been shut down. You can continue to search the Web at on any device."

A history of closures

Of course, Google is no stranger to shutting down services that weren't living up to expectations. From Google Wave to Google Labs to Google Reader, history is littered with the code of past Google offerings.

Like all of Google's previous closures, there are likely to be some very disappointed customers mourning the closure of the SMS Search function, although it won't affect the majority of users.

The good news is that Google's other SMS-based services, like Calendar SMS, Gmail SMS and Google Voice SMS are all still active. Although how long that's true is anyone's guess.

Via: Ghacks