EE broadband is now available to everyone, not just EE mobile users


If you've fancied yourself some EE of EE's broadband but don't use the network, it's your lucky day - everyone in the UK can now get in on the action.

Starting today, EE home and fibre broadband, previously only available to EE mobile customers, is available to all.

Offers start with a 17Mbps broadband deal for £2.50 per month (and then £9.95 after 12 months) which includes weekend calls.

But if you're looking for something more substantial then EE's fibre connections start at £19.95 per month (£5 for the first three months) with weekend calls included.

Fibre and sweeteners

Or you can go all out and opt for a 76Mbps fibre connection with unlimited landline calls, 1000 mobile minutes and international calls to 30 destinations - that'll cost you £34.95, but £20 for the first three months.

Those prices don't include line rental, but as a way of trying to woo you over EE will offer a buyout of your current contract up to £100, access to EE Wednesdays, and a copy of Norton 360 free for the first year.

You can go check out all of the price options over here.

Hugh Langley

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