Hulu gets a new look for the night-time hours

Hulu Night Mode

Hulu now has new night-time mode to aid your TV binges in the late hours.

The US-based streaming service will now swap out its white background for a darker black design in the evening, aimed at causing less eye strain and helping the picture of your favorite TV shows and movies stand out in low-light conditions.

The change is in line with other sites like YouTube, Twitter and Reddit prone to users watching and reading their content up to or well into the night (we've all been there.)

It also comes off the back of a major website redesign for simpler navigation and a host of new conveniences - like bringing in Chromecast casting, the option to play multiple sports games in different tabs, and the ability to minimize the Hulu player and side-eye the action while you multi-task and get on with other things.

Out of view

Unlike some of its streaming service competition, however, Hulu is a region-locked service, meaning it's only available in the US and its respective territories - Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the like.

There are ways to get around this with a VPN, if you're willing to, but we've run through how to unblock and watch Hulu with a VPN in a separate article.

Hulu's Live TV service recently reached over 1 million paid subscribers and, while it doesn't have the international clout or reach of Netflix or Amazon Prime, it offers a wide range of sport, reality, and entertainment content including the likes of The Handmaid's Tale, Bob's Burgers, and Atlanta.

Henry St Leger

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