How to watch Young Sheldon online: stream all-new season 4 from anywhere today

watch young sheldon online
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Covid-19 be gone! After the pandemic saw the season 3 finale of Young Sheldon canned, we can finally enjoy the precocious Sheldon Cooper’s triumphant high-school graduation - and his socially-awkward navigation of East Texas Tech college at the tender age of 11. Read on as we detail how to watch Young Sheldon season 4 online and stream every new episode of the hit CBS show from anywhere today.

How to watch Young Sheldon season 4

CBS will be airing new episodes of Young Sheldon weekly from Thursday, November 5 at 8pm PT/ET, and 7pm CT. If you don’t have cable, you can register for CBS All Access (opens in new tab), which costs as little as $5.99 and offers a free trial. If you're trying to tune in from abroad, you may want to consider getting a good VPN (opens in new tab) so you enjoy the same TV and streaming coverage you do at home.

Jim Parsons returns to narrate the formative years of Sheldon Cooper, played here by Iain Armitage. Even at 9-years-old he’s an anomaly, both within his own family and the highly religious, football-mad state of Texas. Zoe Perry (Scandal) plays his devoted mother Mary, Lance Barber (The Comeback) his supportive father, while Annie Potts is the doting but hard-drinking grandmother, “Meemaw”. He’s got two siblings – brother Georgie (Montana Jordan) and twin sister Missy (Raegan Revord) – but neither of them shares his incredible IQ.

So, what to expect from season 4 of Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro’s wildly popular Big Bang Theory spin-off? Although confiding his separation anxiety to Missy, the focus will be on Sheldon’s freshman year at East Texas Tech in 1991, where he’ll embark on the journey that eventually sees him win the Nobel-Prize for physics. Plus, there’ll be the usual slew of guest stars – among them Craig T. Nelson, who’s back as Meemaw’s love interest Dale Ballard – and all the humor and tender-hearted family drama fans have come to expect.

Desperate to catch-up with the Coopers? Then keep reading as we explain how to watch Young Sheldon online and stream every new season 4 episode no matter where you are in the world.

How to watch Young Sheldon season 4 online from outside your country

Although international travel is proving difficult right now, what with the pandemic and all, if you’re visiting a country on an approved travel list or abroad on business, then geo-blocks will prevent you from watching Young Sheldon season 4 online.

Luckily, there’s a simple fix. By downloading a VPN you’re able to circumvent annoying regional restrictions and stream live and on-demand content from anywhere. It’s an ingenious piece of kit that alters your IP address, letting you to connect to the streaming service you’re already paying for back home.

Use a VPN to watch your favorite TV shows from anywhere

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Try it for free with a 30-day money-back guarantee (opens in new tab). Or, take out an annual plan (the best value option) and get 49% off the usual price as well as 3-months extra FREE. Not only will you be able to stream the best TV from anywhere, but it’ll also help keep your personal information safe online.

Once downloaded, just search for the location of your home country or select it from the pre-defined list. Then simply click ‘connect’, and you’ll be able to watch Young Sheldon season 4 online from anywhere in the world.

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watch young sheldon season 4

How to watch Young Sheldon season 4 online FREE in the US

CBS All Access (opens in new tab)

Want to see how the Cooper family copes with Sheldon’s premature departure for college? If you’ve got cable, you can enjoy all new episodes of Young Sheldon from November 5 on CBS, starting at 8PM ET/PT, or 7pm CT, and airing every Thursday thereafter.

Missed an episode or not got cable? CBS All Access (opens in new tab) provides both live and on-demand access free for anyone who the channel as part of their pay TV package - but can also be subscribed to on a standalone basis for the low-price of $5.99 a month for limited commercials, or $9.99 p/m for the luxury of ad-free streaming. Plus, the FREE 7-day CBS All Access trial (opens in new tab)currently being offered means you can watch an episode or two without paying a penny!

Alternatively, fuboTV (opens in new tab) is a great value cable replacement service that offers access to 100+ channels, including CBS, from $59.99 a month. It's got a 1-week FREE trial (opens in new tab)of its own, so you can check it out and see if it's right for you.

In terms of back viewing, new and already well-loved VoD service HBO Max (opens in new tab) recently added seasons 1-3 of Young Sheldon to its impressive library, nicely complementing all 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, which it also offers.

Whatever streaming solution you plump for, or you already subscribe to, remember that with a good VPN (opens in new tab) you can stream shows like Young Sheldon on your service of choice from all over the world.

watch young sheldon online

How to watch Young Sheldon season 4 online in Canada

its on-demand service (opens in new tab)

Up north, fans of the kooky misadventures of Sheldon Cooper will get the latest season concurrently with their American friends. The Canadian Television Network (CTV) will be broadcasting episodes of Young Sheldon every Thursday from November 5, at 8pm ET/PT and 7pm CT, so there’ll be no online spoilers to ruin your fun. 

And, if you’re otherwise engaged when episodes air, you can catch-up through its on-demand service (opens in new tab) – although you’ll need to enter your cable login details first.

TV aficionados behind on this highly entertaining family sitcom, or Sheldon Cooper mega fans, might want to download prior seasons of this hit show via Apple iTunes, for between CND$29.99 and CND$34.99 each. This way, you can watch the precocious wunderkind getting into all sorts of scrapes, whenever you want.

Out of the country? If you want to watch Young Sheldon live as it airs, you’ll need to download a VPN. It’s incredibly easy to do and ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee (opens in new tab).

watch young sheldon season 4 uk release date

How to watch Young Sheldon online in the UK: season 4 release date

E4 (opens in new tab)

There’s currently no confirmed UK release date for Young Sheldon season 4 in the UK. 

But we do know that season 3 received its UK premiere only a few weeks after its US release in 2019, on Channel 4 offshoot E4 (opens in new tab). We’re eagerly anticipating that, come December, we’ll have more reason to celebrate than fat men in suits and being allowed to go to the pub again!

Until then, you can watch seasons 1-3 of Young Sheldon in the UK through Amazon Video - though you'll have to buy them, even if you've got Prime Video or are currently checking out the famous FREE 30-day Amazon Prime trial (opens in new tab)

Young Sheldon costs £17.99 per season on Prime Video in the UK (opens in new tab)
- or you can buy individual episodes for £1.89 to see if it's your kind of funny first.

If you're currently abroad, geo-blocks will prevent you from watching Young Sheldon live or on-demand via your preferred OTT service. You can render these obstacles obsolete, however, by downloading a super smart VPN (opens in new tab) as detailed above.

young sheldon season 4 australia

How to watch Young Sheldon online in Australia

Binge (opens in new tab)

Things look a bit more tricky for our friends Down Under when it comes to streaming Young Sheldon online.

It seems that Channel 9 no longer enjoys the rights to the show in Australia, having stopped broadcasting season 3 sometime last year after just a handful of episodes. In other words, there's no Young Sheldon season 4 release date confirmed for Australia yet.

It much better news, great value Aussie streaming service Binge (opens in new tab) will be adding the whole of season 3 to its on-demand library on November 23, joining seasons 1 and 2 to make it the most comprehensive streaming option for Australian fans of Young Sheldon. The service also provides an enticing 2-week FREE trial (opens in new tab), and when that ends, its entry level plan is only AUS$10 a month.

Remember, if you’re an American or Canadian abroad, and wondering how you can connect to your streaming service back home, you can of course just download a VPN. You’ll then be free to view all-new episodes of Young Sheldon season 4 online, and enjoy this idiosyncratic coming-of-age tale from anywhere.

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