Honor 20 Pro leaks again, and this time it's in another color

Image Credit: TechRadar

Set to launch alongside the Honor 20, the higher spec Honor 20 Pro has leaked again, and this time it shows off a third color that we can expect for the phone as well as a hint at the camera tech.

We've already seen the phone leak in both a pink/white gradient finish as well as a teal color, and today's rumor suggests it will also come in black.

Spotted by Pocket Now, you can see the black variant in a leaked image below. The website has yet to show exactly where the image comes from, but it has a good history of accurate leaks.

Image Credit: PocketNow

Image Credit: PocketNow

The leak also suggests the company will include the periscope-zoom lens feature that Huawei debuted on the P30 Pro earlier this year.

The camera on the render of the phone looks similar to how Huawei set it out on the P30 Pro, so it's likely you'll be capable of getting some fantastic zoom shots with the Honor 20 Pro too.

We wouldn't expect the camera to be as powerful as the one on Huawei's flagship. Honor often uses similar tech, but as it's a lower priced device it may be the company won't be able to reach the same level of camera quality as the P30 Pro.

Honor is hosting an event on May 21, which is where we expect to see the Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro launch. There may be more devices in that list too, so be sure to check back in the coming weeks for the most recent leaks.

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