Having problems with your Fitbit Charge 4's band? Help is at hand

Fitbit Charge 4
(Image credit: Fitbit)

Fitbit has confirmed that "a small number of users" are having problems with the band on their Fitbit Charge 4 – and it's taking action.

The Fitbit Charge 4, which launched earlier this year, has a very similar design to its predecessor, and the standard version features a silicone band that attaches seamlessly to the case. Unfortunately, some owners have noticed that the two parts don't connect as neatly as they should, leaving a gap.

The Fitbit Charge 4 comes with two differently sized straps, but owners report that swapping them doesn't solve the problem.

The special edition Fitbit Charge 4, which has a woven band rather than silicone, doesn't seem to be affected.

Although the gap doesn't cause any problems with the Charge 4's functionality (heart rate monitoring, SpO2 and other features still work fine), it spoils the device's lines and allows dust and dirt to gather in the gap.

What to do

A handful of users have been complaining about the issue on Fitbit's support forums since April, but now Fitbit has issued a statement on the issue, following a query from Android Central.

"We are aware that a band-connection issue is affecting a small number of Charge 4 users," a spokesperson said. "We take customer satisfaction very seriously and the quality of our products is one of our top priorities. We encourage any customers experiencing difficulties with their device to contact Customer Support for assistance."

You can reach Fitbit Customer Support via live chat or phone using the details given on the company's help page, and Fitbit appears to be replacing devices suffering from the band problem.

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