Google job listing hints the company is planning a big wearables expansion

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Even though Google said in late 2018 that it wouldn't be releasing a Google Pixel Watch anytime soon, the company seems to be putting a big focus on making own-brand wearable devices.

According to a new job listing, Google is in the process of looking for a Vice President of Hardware Engineering for Wearables.

Although the listing doesn't confirm the company will be releasing a Google Pixel Watch soon, the role will be responsible for developing new Google wearable products for the next few years.

This obviously suggests the company will be working on multiple iterations of its own Wear OS device, which is something we've seen heavily rumored since the middle of last year.

Right now, Google only has one wearable product with its own branding, that being the Google Pixel Buds, so it may be the company is looking to expand that line or it may be planning more Google Daydream VR related products too.

The job listing says "As the VP of Hardware Engineering for Wearables, you'll work collaboratively with the Senior Leadership team for Google Hardware and will be responsible for the design, development, and shipment of all Google's Wearable products. 

"You will lead and enable the effectiveness of a large engineering organization primarily based in Mountain View to develop multiple next-generation wearable products simultaneously." 

That sounds like Google has some big plans for its next foray into the world of wearables, which we expect means an expansion of Wear OS. There's also a new listing for a Wearables Design Manager, but the job listing doesn't provide as much information.

Google announced it was buying technology from Fossil last month for $40 million. 

Neither company has provided details on what the tech involves, but we assume it's a new type of fitness tech, as Fossil confirmed the tech came from its sport brand Misfit's research and development team.

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