Get the Steam Link and Steam Controller for up to 60% off right now

Remember when, back in 2015, Valve decided to jump into the PC hardware game and managed to hit not one but two home runs with the Steam Controller and Steam Link?

It may not have the precision of a mouse and keyboard, but the Steam Controller gives gamers an innovative and PC-forward take on the classic console gamepad. It offers deep levels of customization, making it possible to use it with pretty much any genre of PC game, old and new, including strategy games. 

The Steam Link, on the other hand, offers a high-quality and easy way to stream PC games to your TV via a wired or wireless connection.

Perfect pairing

Together, they allow you to curl up comfortably on your sofa and play your favorite PC games just like you would with your console. 

If you haven't got round to picking up either of Valve’s creative hardware solutions now is the perfect time to do so, as UK retailer GAME has just slashed its prices. 

From now until March 1 you can get the Steam Controller for 30% cheaper at £27.99 , and the Steam Link for a massive 60% off at £15.99.

For our readers across the pond who don’t have access to GAME’s offer, fret not, as Amazon US is also doing an offer on these Steam devices. There, you can get the controller for $35, the Link for $20, and a bundle containing both for $55

Like the deal offered by GAME this will only run for a limited time, so we’d suggest acting fast if you’ve been considering a purchase.