Get Razer’s BlackWidow Ultimate gaming keyboard for £69

If you’re in the market for a good mechanical keyboard, then Razer's BlackWidow Ultimate could put some bite into your gaming skills without wounding your wallet given that it’s currently £69.99.

The peripheral has a recommended price of £135, so with this discount, it’s almost half price.

Razer claims that its mechanical switches boast the optimal actuation distance for the ultimate in terms of responsiveness when it comes to jabbing keys in the likes of fast-paced shooters, where milliseconds matter (at least in competitive games).

Macro magic

The keys are individually backlit, and fully programmable with on-the-fly macro recording possible, and 10-key rollover on offer (meaning if you mash up to 10 keys simultaneously, you won’t lose any of those inputs).

The BlackWidow is also designed to be a durable peripheral, with the mechanical switches being rated for up to 60 million keystrokes. And in terms of extras on the connectivity front, there’s a USB port, along with headphones and mic jacks.

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